Ametek offers application solutions for a wide range of industries world-wide.  The need to calibrate is integral to the processes of many industries.  Not only can regular calibrations reduce costs and improve profits by eliminating inefficiencies but they also increase product yields and ensure quality assurance along with optimizing worker hours.

Arla Foods in Hobro, Denmark is a dairy processing facility.  They were working with traditional calibration baths and a setup with an Ametek DTI 1000 / STS reference thermometer, to calibrate about 200 sanitary sensors in the dairy.  An average of 50 sensors had to be calibrated every second month, which brought the number of calibrations close to 500 per year.  Each calibration (0 to 100°C / 5 points) took about 4 hours and occupied an employee for the full time to control and document the calibration.  Arla saw the inefficiency and was looking for a better solution.  Their criteria included; no liquids – to avoid cleaning time, high speed, automation – save on man power, and better repeatability.  Ametek Denmark was able to offer them the Jofra ATC-156B dry-block calibrator (now replaced by the RTC-156B).  Its benefits included; no liquid, high speed – reduced calibration time by half, Automation – JOFRACAL handles the calibration, Repeatability – JOFRACAL employs user defined setups and procedures.  The key to the success of the ATC-156B includes the dual zone technology.  The dual zone heating/cooling minimizes the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the dry-block making it possible to calibrate short sensors.  The JOFRACAL software is available with all Jofra dry-blocks and is easy to use.  Software features include; prompts, menus, and help functions that guide you through the configuration process.  This high end calibration system would provide; a temperature range of -24°C to 155°C, unique dual-zone technology, large insert, built-in reference thermometer, built-in inputs for sensor under calibration, set follows true function, makes set point and calibration points equal, system accuracy ±0.04°C.


The ATC-156B Jofra dry-block is now obsolete, but has been replaced by the RTC-156B, which has an extended cold range down to -30°C.  With the new RTC-156B you also have the option to customize your insert, greatly broadening the application.  Although this case study focused on the Dairy Processing industry, the use of Jofra dry-block calibrators with sanitary sensors has applications though-out the food & beverage industry and also in the pharmaceutical industry.  Ametek-Jofra continues to develop innovative products.  Need a solution?  Let us find one that fits your needs and budget!

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