Much of what we do here at Cameron Instruments is linked to our customer’s success with our products.  For this reason we decided to run an “Application Stories” promotion, to hear from our customers how the products are working for them and where they are being used.  We heard from many people, and below are a couple selections from those submissions.

The first story comes from Swagelok Central Canada, which is owned and operated by Winnipeg Fluid System Technologies Ltd.  Since 1970 they have been providing the Canadian Prairies and NW Ontario with extraordinary reliable quality fluid system products, services and Fluid System Component Solutions.

     “The products we are using which were purchased from Cameron Instruments are an nVision data recorder, hydraulic pressure generator and a few associated accessories.

Let me start by explaining that I work for a custom assembly and fabrication department within my company and being that everything that I build requires either a hydrostatic pressure test or a pressure decay test it is very important that I find the necessary equipment to do so accurately.

I was introduced to your product through a local company who we were contracting to do the required pressure testing on some high dollar instrumentation racks reaching test pressure in excess of 5500 PSI and once I saw how easy the equipment was to use and how impressive the amount of detail in the data I decided I needed one for our next round of assemblies.

By using this product we were able to display a level of professionalism that moved my department up a notch in the eyes of not only our higher end customers but in the eyes of our corporate associates.

Thanks, Joe”

Hydro Test Setup 2   RK-001A   IMG_0871


The second story comes from Bri-Steel Manufacturing, a steel pipe manufacturer located in Alberta.

     “Bri-Steel Manufacturing is the only manufacturer of large diameter seamless steel pipe (NPS 14 to 36) in the Western hemisphere.  We pressure-test every pipe, and it is a mandatory requirement that we record data from every pressure test.  We found a very good fit with the Crystal nVision Recorder (with 3KPSI pressure modules) along with the Crystal Control software, installed on our factory workstation computers.  The 3KPSI modules are calibrated by Cameron every 4 months and have shown remarkable stability in calibrations, despite over 3 years of use and cycling 40 times daily up to 3000psi.  The Crystal Control software exports automatically to a readable Excel file and includes automatic data about the module and nVision serial number used.  I was particularly impressed with Crystal when I made a suggestion to allow for the software (via a very long USB cable) to remotely begin recording data on a pressure test, as you might expect, an operator would not want to be anywhere near the pressurized vessel.  Within a few weeks Crystal released a new version of the software with the suggestions implemented.  It has been so easy to work with the Crystal products over the past few years, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Best Regards, Kenton”

Our last story rounding out the top three, comes from Technel Engineering, a Canadian based representative company, incorporated in 1986 to service the Canadian marketplace in the fields of Calibration, Instrumentation, and Data Acquisition.

“Technel, a designer, manufacturer, installer and trainer of custom pressure boundary tools uses the Crystal XP2i when ever there is a need for high accuracy, easily read, panel mounted, reliable, min/max features and digital display.

We can always count on Cameron Instruments and their very supportive team.  They are straight forward and easy to deal with.

Below is a picture of the XP2i in use.  The XP2i is panel mounted as part of the Primary Heat Transport Hydrostatic Pressure Test System at a Canadian Power Plant.

NB Power PHT

As is quite evident from these great stories, the products our customer are using have helped them complete their jobs in an efficient and accurate way.  We continue to support these and all of our products and always welcome feedback about our products and services.  A huge thank-you to everyone who submitted a story, please stay tuned for further upcoming promotions.

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