Process signals are crucial, from controlling valves, switches, or lights to measuring pressure in a pipe to calibrating temperature in a bakery oven. Ensuring that these process signals remain accurate is essential. Users have multiple choices on the calibration equipment they use. One of the most important factors to consider is ease-of-use. Since multiple process signals may be used, including; volts, millivolts, amps or milliamps, and each of these may have large range differences, most users turn to a multi-function calibrator to satisfy all situations. However, as the options increase, the instruments complexity also tends to increase. For novice users, a task as simple as connecting the instrument to the signal may prove difficult.

The JOFRA ASC-400 Advanced Signal Calibrator has a solution with its new connection assistant. The ASC-400 now includes a built-in help function that offers a graphical solution to connect the ASC-400s current set-up. If the measurement parameters change (from V to mA, for example), the connection assistant screen will change. Use the new feature to reduce errors and wasted time significantly.

The ASC-400 with Multifunction Process Calibrator reads and sources RTD, Thermocouple, Current, Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, and Pulse Train Output. It combines features such as percent error calculation, scaling, leak-testing, and switch test calibrating into one handheld calibrator. The large full-colour display, numerical keypad with a cursor, and function keys help simplify use.

Combine the ASC-400 with an APM CPF pressure module to calibrate gauge or absolute pressure. For temperature calibration, combine the ASC-400 with a dry-block calibrator.

Written by: AMETEK STC and JOFRA

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