Backflow PictureThe backflow prevention device is one of the most crucial tools in a plumber’s arsenal and as such it needs to be counted on for both accuracy and consistency. This reliability must be maintained though, as even the most precise instruments will inevitably drift over time and being to lose their accuracy.  This change can often be hard to detect but can lead to severe consequences.  Calibration is the process of offsetting this drift and allowing the device to continue reading at its optimal level.  By comparing the device under test to our highly accurate pressure standards, our technician is able to assess whether the instrument is performing within its specifications.  If an instrument is out of tolerance then our technician would make the necessary adjustments and retest the unit to verify that it is reading within its intended accuracy. The data from this testing is documented and included on the certificate that comes with every device that gets calibrated through our lab.  We also pride ourselves on our ability to perform these calibrations efficiently, and maintaining a reasonable turnaround time is one of our top priorities.  There are many reasons to keep your instrument calibrated, but in our eyes the main benefit is that it reaffirms the trust between an instrument and its user.

Written by:  Erik Nielsen, Accounts Manager at Cameron Instruments Inc.

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