RTC-168 Dry Block Calibrator from JOFRA Calibration

We are pleased to announce the new JOFRA RTC-168 Series. It offers more flexibility, better accuracy, more stability, and faster speed. JOFRA’s 3rd generation dry/wet combination calibrator from JOFRA – based on know-how!

New Liquid System – A redesigned liquid basket and a faster magnetic stirrer have resulted in a longer temperature uniformity zone. This vertically extended uniformity zone now makes it easier for smaller sensors, like sanitary sensors, to reach the uniformity zone resulting in improved calibrations. In addition, more space is now available to support sensor flanges up to 84 mm in diameter.

Removable Liquid Container – The RTC-168 features a removable liquid insert/container. Switching from wet to dry is now easier, faster and much cleaner. Remove the container full of liquid, and it’s a dry calibrator again.

Portability – No problem. The liquid container includes a screw-on lid with a built-in pressure relief valve. In the event of temperature or elevation change, while transporting, the relieve valve protects the user by releasing the increased pressure from the closed system.

Special Sanitary Sensor Insert (Dry Block) – To further support customers calibrating sanitary sensors, we designed a special insert to accommodate the small sensing cable found in these sensors. We also created an adapter for customers who already have our previous sanitary sensor inserts (ATC-156 & RTC-156), making their inserts fit in the new RTC-168.

Unique Airflow System – In an industry first, we have reversed the airflow system in the RTC-168, pushing the hot air out the bottom of the calibrator rather than the top. This change protects the customer’s sensors under test from the heated exhaust air.

New Insulation Block – The RTC-168 insert now includes a redesigned insulation block that improves stabilization times. It’s also backward compatible with JOFRA ATC-140 & RTC-158 inserts to preserve earlier insert investments.

Important Reference Sensor Update – We now offer a new STS reference sensors to match the increased range of the RTC-168. The STS-102A-035 is compatible with both dry and wet applications, simply use in dry applications, and then switch to wet applications without using a protection tube.

Twice as fast heating time – Compared to our RTC158, the heating time from -22 to 155C is more than twice as fast. The total time for the RTC-168 is 24 minutes, compared to 60 with the RTC-158. The dramatic heating improvement saves time and money every time you use the RTC-168

In addition to the new features and accessories mentioned above, the RTC-168 also brings:

  • A new DLC-168 to match the RTC-168 range (dry-block)
  • Increased temperature range, -30 to 165C
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Large sensors can be calibrated up to 84mm diameter
  • Selectable input options A, B, and C models as the rest of the RTC Series

Find out more by visiting the RTC-168 Homepage

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