Cameron Instruments Inc. operates a state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited pressure calibration facility.  Their laboratory provides high accuracy pressure and temperature calibrations, using Fluke Piston Gauges and AMETEK JOFRA dry block and liquid bath temperature calibrators.  Their current scope for pressure provides coverage from 5kPa (0.7 psia) to 200 MPa (30,000 psia) in either gauge or absolute mode.  Their temperature capabilities cover an effective temperature range from   -100°C to +660°C. 

Over the past year, Cameron Instruments has invested in their laboratory by adding three key pieces of equipment.  The purpose of these additions was to increase through put, provide quicker turn-around times, improve uncertainties and add to their scope.

Fluke 8320A Modular High-Pressure Controller to 10,000PSI

The first piece of equipment added was a Fluke 8370A Modular High-Pressure controller to 10,000PSI.  The Fluke 8370A is a sister controller to their existing Fluke 6270A, that covers gas pressure to 3000PSI. The Fluke 8370A provides a second work station that goes to higher pressure and provides additional leak testing capabilities. Together, the two workstations integrate seamlessly with the Fluke Compass for Pressure Software, providing fully automated calibrations of multiple devises.

Fluke Ruska 2465 Deadweight Tester

The second piece of equipment was added with the purpose of expanding their ability to provide low pressure draft calibrations. To do this, they acquired a Ruska 2465 deadweight tester, a low-pressure piston and an additional mass. The Cameron laboratory Manager, Andreas Stachyra, has the responsibility of testing this new piston, developing procedures, and determining uncertainties.  “Our hope is to have this piston included in our scope of accreditation by the end of 2021.  There will be a lot of proficiency testing and work that will go into adding this piston to our scope.” Andreas said.  The Ruska unit also comes with other piston types which will eventually be added to their scope to increase capabilities further.  Once complete it will tighten up specifications and accuracies, thus providing additional low pressure calibration options for their customers.

AMETEK JOFRA RTC159 Ultra-Cooler Dry Block Temperature Standard

The third piece of equipment added to the lab was a JOFRA RTC159 ultra-cooler dry block temperature standard.  The RTC159 along with their existing CTC660 dry block increases temperature capabilities to cover the temperature range from -100°C to 660°C. When asked what other areas the Cameron lab could expand into Andreas mentioned “possibly adding temperature to our ISO 17025 accreditation.  This would likely be something that happens further down the road into 2022.”

With a steady flow of calibrations through the laboratory it made sense to invest in standards and accreditations to meet these growing demands.  Currently, Cameron Instruments is accredited through A2LA in accordance with ISO 17025 for technical competence in the field of Pressure Calibration.

Please visit the Cameron Instruments laboratory link below for additional information:

Written by:  Sonja Bosshard, Sales & Marketing Manager for Cameron Instruments Inc.

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