Cameron Instruments Inc. is a dedicated Canadian supplier located in Guelph, ON. We have been in business for over 30 years during which time we have grown from a company of two to over 10 employees. Our focus is supplying the Canadian natural gas distribution market with quality instrumentation for calibration, measurements and tests. This includes providing high accuracy pressure and gas quality measurement standards, used in meter shops, custody transfer, hydrostatic pipeline construction and biogas green energy.

Cameron’s priorities over the next five years including supporting the Canadian Gas industry through innovative products. We are the national supplier and service center for Sewerin Gas Leak Detectors and analyzers, an Ametek distributor for Crystal Engineering pressure calibrators and Jofra Dryblock temperature calibrators, and a Factory representative for Fluke high accuracy and Gas Flow Standards. Recently we have expanded our product line to include; Aeroqual Gas and Ozone detection, and CST-Canada Sensor Technology pressure and level transmitters. In addition, we strive to provide timely servicing and support of instrumentation through our ISO17025 accredited laboratory for pressure.

In an industry that is well regulated, the opportunity and challenge is to meet the expectation for improvements in measurement. To meet those requirements and integrate our capabilities with the Canadian market place, we will be seeking additional accreditation through Measurement Canada. We see opportunity for diversification of the natural gas supply throughout Canada into liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the growth of green initiatives associated with biogas. In order to support this diversification we engaged as members with the Canadian Gas Association, the National Council for Standards and Laboratories, and the Canadian Biogas Association.

Looking forward, we see steady growth and opportunity for the natural gas industry; due in part to an expanding population, and the IOT providing wireless and communication options for real time data. Natural gas has a significant role to play by incorporating new LNG/ renewable natural gas (RNG) initiatives into the energy grid and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If the natural gas industry can take advantage of these developments, then it’s in a good spot to provide reliable energy solutions for the next 50 years and beyond.

Originally published in Energy Magazine, Issue 2, 2019

Written by: Sonja Bosshard & Nick Grayson of Cameron Instruments Inc.

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