Cameron Instruments Inc. supplied specialty instrumentation and calibration services to industries across Canada. A small, family owned company headquartered in Guelph, ON founded by Neil Cameron, Cameron Instruments was formed in 1990 after an amalgamation with Cameron Products which had been in operation since the late 1960’s. Nick Grayson, Director of Sales, has been with Cameron Instruments since 1999 and in 2013 purchased the company from the previous owners.

Initially, the core of the business was providing instrumentation and services to gas utilities to ensure pipelines are pressurized correctly to prevent leaks and explosions and validate commodity value during pipeline transportation. In 2010 Cameron Instruments began exploring ways to diversify their product line and as a result naturally expanded into the biogas industry in 2012.

The transition began when a German company, Sewerin, reached out to Cameron Instruments to explore their interest in being a Canadian distributor of their gas analyzers for the gas utilities given their established connections in the sector. After Cameron Instruments acquired the product line, they received inquiries to calibrate Sewerin 540 biogas analyzers used at biogas facilities in Ontario. While at the time, Cameron Instruments knew little about the biogas industry in Canada, they had the technical expertise to service the Sewerin instruments. Nick shares that “Following this introduction to the biogas analyzers, I toured a nearby biogas facility to learn more and this opened up a whole new industry for Cameron Instruments to provide products and services.” Since 2012, Cameron Instruments has grown, doubling their staff and with biogas facilities across Canada using thier biogas analyzers to enhance their operations including half of the biogas facilities in Ontario.

Cameron Instruments is the exclusive distributor of Sewerin in Canada. The Sewerin Multitech 540 provides a unique benefit compared to other biogas analyzers on the market as it can be use by itself or as the heart of a Sewerin BioControl fixed system, giving you one system for stationary and mobile measurements. Unlike other systems that require removal of the entire system for service, the Sewerin Multitec 540 can be removed from the BioControl fixed system to measure any point in the facility and can be easily sent into Cameron Instruments for service and calibration.

The Sewerin 540 is ideal for precise analysis and monitoring of gas mixtures in biogas plants. The robust instrument can simultaneously measure concentrations of up to five gases. Infrared measuring techniques reliably determine methane and carbon dioxide concentration without distortion from other gases and electrochemical sensors measure oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide concentrations.

Cameron Instruments has been a member of the Canadian Biogas Association since April 2016. They joined because they see the importance of supporting the industry and oppotunities for networking with potential customers and partners. Nick looks forward to connecting with more industry members at the 2019 Value of Biogas East in Toronto on March 21-22 at the Cameron Instruments booth as part of the Exhibitor Showcase.

Written by: Canadian Biogas Association

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