As a trusted calibration and service partner we often get questions about our calibration and repair process. This prompted us to put together an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Instructions page with answers to some frequently asked questions. I’ve compiled these thoughts here to hopefully make the process clear and easy to follow.

First Steps

The first step in returning anything to us is to complete our online RMA Form. This form can be accessed on our home page: by clicking on the RMA Form button. By filling out the form you are providing us with all the information necessary to allow your item to move through our system quickly and efficiently. Once you hit submit on the RMA Form you will receive a confirmation email with your RMA#. The RMA# is used to follow the item through our system and should be referenced on all paperwork and shipping materials.

Specify your Requirements

Some additional points to keep in mind, before sending your unit in, include making us aware of any specific requirement you have for your test (accuracy, testpoints, etc.). If nothing is indicated on the RMA Form, then our laboratory will follow our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). SOP is also used when indicating the calibration due date on certificates. Our standard due date is 12 months from calibration date. Also important is a summary of any issues you are having with your unit. This will help us diagnose any issues and advise on next steps.

When getting your items ready for shipping to us, please ensure they are clean and free of any contamination. In some cases a cleaning fee may be charged. We also ask that anything sent in is accompanied by a payment method, communicated to our laboratory staff at time of shipment or before. Additionally, including a return shipping method on your RMA Form will help get your items back to you quickly.

How long until I get it back

Once your unit is here, the most common question we get is how long will it take to be returned? Our standard answer for calibration is 5-10 business days after it is received. However, if you require expedited calibrations we ask that you call in and let us know of your time frame. Depending on how busy the lab is at the time, we can often accommodate these requests.

When units require repair by the manufacturer (factory) we will have the unit sent down to the factory for further evaluation and a quote for repair. In all cases we would contact the customer prior to proceeding with any repairs and prior to incurring any costs. If a unit is found to be beyond economical repair and it is scrapped at the manufacturer then in most cases there is no cost to our customers. In some cases an evaluation fee is charged, but these charges would be discussed and approved by the customer before proceeding. Additionally, since most of our manufacturers are outside of Canada, items returned to the factory have a longer turn-around-time. A typical turn-around-time of at least 4 weeks should be expected, but in some cases this will be longer.

We always strive to make our return process as simple and user friendly as possible and want to make sure our customer are happy with the service they are receiving. We look to working with our customers to ensure excellent service at all times and welcome any feedback.

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