The MAKO Digital backflow preventor kit by Arbiter is a revolutionary new tool for the backflow and cross-connection-control industry. It provides a tough, water-resistant digital solution with benefits and features unseen in a traditional mechanical (analog) gauge by performing all standard backflow testing procedures.

MAKO Assist App

Save Time

Spend less time writing down values and worrying about interruptions because the capture button stores your readings during a test. Without the need to start over when you pause to answer a customer call or worrying about wet paper.


All MAKO backflow preventor kits are backwards Bluetooth compatible! The new MAKO Assist App makes generating test reports quick and easy! Stop copying numbers over and over from your backflow assembly test reports. The MAKO Assist App means your measurements are captured and transferred wirelessly from the MAKO to your cell phone. The App even works off line! Available for both Android and Apple Products.

The App allows you to easily and quickly input site and assembly information. Also, all measurements are automatically mapped to your test procedure and assembly type. Additional notes can be added in the comments field or make things even easier with the Voice-to-text input option. The App will seamlessly create a PDF Backflow Assembly Test Report which can easily be sent via email, saved to your phone or your cloud storage platform!


Cameron Instruments Inc. is your authorized Canadian distributor, repair and calibration centre for the MAKO. We can help you trouble shoot any issue, sell spare parts and calibrate the unit for you. Additionally, we also calibrate all other models of Analogue backflow testers. To return a unit for calibration, simply complete our online RMA Form. This will help your unit move through our system smoothly and in a timely manner.

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