Pressure Gauge for Long-Term Recording of Pressure Data

XP2i Digital Test Gauge

Recording of pressure data or data logging is increasingly becoming a requirement of many companies. Whether you are testing for long term trends, looking for anomalies, or documenting required tests, having an accurate and reliable pressure recorder is essential.

While pressure recorders can differ in many ways, including accuracy, features, ease of use, and recording space, one thing that all field recorders have in common is batteries. For users in need of performing long-term tests, finding an instrument that will collect all the information needed without running out of batteries can be difficult.

When combining the intrinsically safe Crystal XP2i digital pressure gauge from AMETEK STC with the DataLoggerXP software, an Ultra-Low Power (ULP) feature becomes available. This feature turns the XP2i pressure gauge into the ideal solution for long-term, in the field recording of pressure data.

The ULP mode of the XP2i Datalogger extends the battery life by putting the gauge into a reduced power mode in between collection of readings. Whereas a normal datalogger is constantly powering the gauge throughout its recording, the ULP mode shuts down the gauge in between readings, except for the internal clock and the low power display. This battery saving technique dramatically extends the battery life.

By using the ULP mode an extended logging interval of one reading every 18 minutes, the XP2i test gauge with the optional DataLoggerXP upgrade will last over one year on just four AA batteries. For users who only need one month of data, the logging interval can be increased to one reading every 2 minutes.

By combining the XP2i digital pressure gauge with the DataLoggerXP users can record 32,000 data points and export the data into an Excel document.

The high-accuracy XP2i pressure gauge is easy to use. It includes calibration reminders and alerts and features IP-67 rated, marine grade enclosure (submersible up to 1 meter), a fast pressure safety valve (PSV) mode, custom engineering units and a leak-free Crystal pressure fitting connection. The pressure gauge is available to 15,000 psi.

AMETEK STC manufacturers and supplies calibration instruments for temperature, pressure and process signals under the brands JOFRA and Crystal. Crystal pressure gauges are known worldwide for their accuracy, stability and reliability. To learn more, please visit our website:

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