1340-2700_ebro_fom330-4_green_lightThe new FOM 330 Food Oil Monitor from Ebro Electronic is designed help you maintain high food oil quality.  Old frying oil can contain high concentrations of potentially harmful substances, e.g. acrylamide.  These substances will also get in the the fried food you consume.  Additionally, they will cause the food to be less crispy and diminish the flavour.  The FOM 330 helps you pinpoint the right time to change the oil in your fryer.  This way you can maintain a consistently high quality of fried food your customers will be grateful for.

Fresh oil can have a dark colour, in contrast old oil can be clear and inappropriate for frying long before it begins to smoke or smell.  Allowing a person to rely on his or her own senses to evaluate the quality of the frying oil is subjective and can be inaccurate.  In order to prevent poor quality frying oil, the oil is often replaced too early rather than too late.  However, in most countries there are specific recommendations or even regulations as to how many % TPM (total polar materials) the frying oil may contain.  You can max out those limits without hesitation.  The Fool Oil Monitor shows you exactly, whether you can still use the oil, therefore maximizing your cost savings.

The FOM 330 is easy to use with the NextStep feature, which states the next working step:  immerse, stir, read.  The % TPM reading that is given is clearly shown on the big display.  In addition, the device has a big signal lamp evaluating the result:  green for fresh oil, yellow for questionable, oil, red for oil past its prime.  This lamp is bright and visible by all attendees, not only limited to the inspector.

The FOM 330 has a convenient calibrate option, with the oil of your choice; making the unit even more accurate and customizable.  For more information visit click here!

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