How can you have the best experience when arranging for repair or calibration services for lab calibration equipment and other instruments? We asked our lab experts Andreas Stachyra and Erik Nielsen from the Cameron Instruments Service Laboratory.

How to Initiate a Service Request for Calibration Equipment

To get started with a service request, use our online RMA Form to generate an RMA number. Completing the RMA form will generate an RMA number used to track your item(s) through the system from start to finish. Referencing this number we can let you know exactly which phase of the service process your unit is in.

You can use the form to let us know of any special requirements you have along with request a quote for your service. You can include your PO# and courier information so we can easily and quickly move your instrument through the system without hold ups.

What to do if you don’t Receive and RMA Number?

If you completed our online form but you didn’t receive an RMA number response, chances are you may have entered yuor email address incorrectly. If that is the case, give us a call, 1.888.863.8010, and we can send you a copy of your RMA Number.

Shipping your Unit(s) to Cameron Instruments for Service

Getting your calibration equipment serviced can be a time of uncertainty. In addition to time without your unit available to your lab, there is also the concernt that comes with packing and shipping a unit and waiting for it to return safely. Fortunately, our service team has some tips to make this process fast and easy, getting your precious equipment back to you in great working condition as soon as possible.

  • Includes a copy of your RMA# with your shipment: When you receive our confirmation email with your RMA# on it, please include the number somewhere with your shipment. It could be on the waybill or print off the confirmation and included it in the box with your shipment.
  • Create the purchase order before shipping your unit(s): If you have a purchase order, please send it along before shipping to our email address along with a reference to your RMA#. If that is not a good option for you, include it in the box with your shipment.
  • Read your confirmation and double-check the “Ship to” address: The confirmation includes our address and specifies where to ship your unit(s).
  • Only include accessories that will be required for the service: Please only ship accessories that will be required for the service you have chosen. Sending extra accessories creates churn as our technicians have to document receipt of them and sort through them to find what they need to do the service on.

Getting your Unit(s) back

Make sure the information on your purchase order is up to date. In the event you are not set up on account with us, we will contact you to either set up an account or get credit card information for processing the service.

Of course we’ll perform a quality check before shipping to make sure your unit is working as it should.

That’s it! Only a few easy steps – if you follow them you can save hours or even days and get your equipment back as quickly as possible.

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