MAKO M3K – Backflow Preventer Test Kit

The Mako allows you to easily collect data in the field using the unique Capture Value function. Your readins will be stored during a test which means no more forgotten readings due to interruptions or dealing with wet paper. The large backlit display allows you to read measurements with ease in a variety of lighting conditions. The Mako features an Ergonomic design and swivel hook which allows for easy hanging of the gauge when necessary, plus soft rubber grips make it comfortable and easy to hold. The Mako includes custom hoses designed specifically for the cross connection control industry. The hoses are made from NSF and FDA food grade material making them more flexible than others in the industry and suitable for potable water. The hoses include a 40-micron filter, the highest grade available in the industry which keeps more debris out of your tool. The Mako is available in 2, 3 and 5 valve models and includes a factory calibration certificate.

Cameron Instruments Inc. is excited to announce the Mako by Arbiter. The Mako Digital Backflow Preventer Test Kit is a revolutionary tool for the backflow and cross connection control industry. It provides a tough, water resistant digital solution with benefits and features unseen in a traditional mechanical gauge. The Mako can perform all standard backflow testing procedures with a faster response and settling time. It also offers a higher accuracy than traditional dial gauges and a resolution of 0.1 PSID. You can also select between PSID and KPAD readings.

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