The Natural Gas System is a complex network of wells, pipelines, storage facilities and processing stations, which transport the natural gas from production to consumption.  Three major types of pipelines are used throughout the system: the gathering system, the interstate pipeline, and the distribution system.  Each type of pipeline has its own set of tests, which are necessary to, among other things prevent moisture, corrosion, inefficient fuel usage, and to also meet official safety regulations.

Pressure and temperature are two critical components which are routinely tested and sometimes documented for regulatory purposes.  Depending on where in the world the system is, pressure tests can be done in gauge pressure, absolute pressure, or both.  Differential pressure is one of the components used to calculate gas flow, and is also used for other applications like filter testing.  In addition to pressure, deviations in the temperature have a great impact on the performance and costs.

AMETEK has a long history of producing calibration and test equipment for use throughout the gas industry.  In fact, they have worked closely with large gas companies worldwide to add features to their equipment that save both time and money.  From intrinsically safe digital test gauges and data recorders, to high accuracy dry block temperature calibrators, they have a variety of equipment to help you do your job.

The Products you Need for Natural Gas Systems can Include:

The XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge is ultra-rugged, intrinsically safe and CSA Approved.  The unit comes with a calibration certificate and is available with new ultra-low absolute pressure ranges and three different accuracy levels with pressures available up to 15,000PSI.  The free software allows you to configure the gauge and includes calibration reminders and alerts.  The optional data logging software upgrade will allow you to record 32,000 data points.

The nVision Reference Recorder is an intrinsically safe, CSA Approved reference recorder that can read in gauge, absolute or differential pressure up to 15,000PSI.  It comes with a manufacturer’s calibration certificate and is able to do record temperature, mA, VDC and switch.  It will record 1 million data points with two independent modules and the free configuration software allows you to record as fast as 10 readings per second.

The Jofra Temperature Dry Block Calibrators, allow you to quickly and easily calibrate your temperature sensors.  One of the models used by the Natural gas sector is the RTC (Reference Temperature Calibrator) with temperature ranges from -100°C to 700ºC and accuracy to ±0.005ºC.  This model also allows for a combined dry block and liquid bath along with time saving fast cooling and heating times.  It can be ordered with “Plug and Play” intelligent reference sensors.  The other model is the CTC (Compact Temperature Calibrator) which offers temperature range options from -25ºC to 1205ºC and accuracy to 0.2ºC and stability to ±0.04ºC.  The other features of the CTC include Multi-hole and/or insert kits, automatic switch test and auto stepping along with being light weight and easy to carry.

Written by:  Ametek Sensors, Test & Calibration and Sonja Bosshard of Cameron Instruments Inc.


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