Ebro is excited to announce they have released a new EBI 12 Data Logger.  The new EBI 12 has upgraded electronics and will replace the popular EBI 10, 16 and EBI 100 family series.  The EBI 12 will retain all the functionality of it’s predecessors and it will use colours (Red & Blue) to differentiate one model from the next.

EBI 12, Blue Line

  • Includes all loggers with 3mm and 6mm probes along with being cryogenic.

EBI 12, Red Line

  • Includes all loggers independent of the temperature sensor
  • Temperature logger with sensors <2mm diameter and the T100 type
  • Precision pressure and conductivity loggers
  • Available with ATEX approvals


The housing modification is accompanied by a new sealing concept.  The EBI 12 has a double O-ring system made of two different O-ring materials.  This ensures that the characteristics of the materials complement each other and lead to an excellent tightness.  The sensors with 3mm axial receive an M5 thread (like EBI 11).  To open the housing, a tool is required.  This tool engages in designated recesses in the housing.  The accidental kinking or breaking off of the sensors is thereby prevented.


The electronics have been extensively revised and has been supplemented with additional components to further increase measurement stability and accuracy.  All sensitive parts of the measuring electronics are now coated.  Likewise, a new RFID antenna has been designed, thus improving communication between the logger and the interface.



  • Improved measurement accuracy, up to 0.05K
  • Measurement range from -200…400ºC
  • New EBI 12-C conductivity logger
  • Nwe high-precision-pressure logger for H202 (plasma) applications
  • ATEX-Certification
  • Increased long-term stability due to new housing, electronics and sensor technology
  • Batteries are user replaceable with 2 year battery life
  • Unrivaled intuitive and user-friendly software

For more information visit our website:  www.cameroninstruments.com/ebro-electronic.htm

Download the EBI 12 Datasheet and the Catalogue for Professional Data Loggers

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