We are excited to announce the launch of the new PTC-425 from Ametek Test & Calibration.  The latest addition is ideal for Pharmaceuitcal, Medical and Food applications.

The new PTC-425 has a temperature range from 33 to 425oC and is designed for validation of temperature sensors used in sterilization tunnels in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries.  Sterilization tunnels utilize dry heat with a temperature range between 250 and 400oC.  The PTC 425 was developed for a specific customer application, and it currently serves several purposes:

  1.  Calibrating all fixed sensors in the heat tunnel
  2. Calibrating the validation sensors in the heat tunnel, both before and after use.
  3. Verifying the function of the overheat security switch sensor

All Ametek calibrators are known for their accuracy, stability and reliability.  PTC calibrators were specifically designed with an intuitive easy-to-use interface and come with proprietary JofraCal software as a standard.  In addition, the PTC Series features Ameteks’ active dual heating zone system, which provides high-temperature uniformity in the insert no matter the number or size of the sensors immersed.

An optional reference sensor compensates for the temperature differences resulting from testing various sensors, allowing the PTC Series to perform highly accurate calibrations with sensors of varying sizes and even with multiple sensors under test.

PTC calibrators are rugged, light weight and available with a highly functional carrying case for improved portability and convenience.  The carrying case can store and protect reference sensors, inserts, support rods, wires, manuals, plugs and insert tools.

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