Have you ever been ready to start a critical calibration, only to find that your test gauge’s calibration certificate has expired?  Or maybe you had to postpone a test because you couldn’t find your calibration certificate?  Have you failed an audit?  How much did this downtime cost you?

These are just a few of the issues that the latest XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge can help you avoid.  Starting in January 2017, new XP2i gauges now include a feature that can warn users when the gauge calibration is about to expire.  Using Crystal’s free ConfigXP software, the gauge can be programmed to alert you prior to, on and after the gauge’s calibration due date.  You can even select the type of alert you want from a start-up warning to a continuous warning which does not allow the user to operate the gauge.

Calibration Reminder Alert

Enter the Cal Due date and the notification time prior, which can be set in days or weeks.  Once the defined time prior is reached, the XP2i will flash “Cal Soon” three times during the startup process.  It will do this on every start-up until the calibration due date is reached, or the dates are updated.

Calibration Due Alert

Once the calibration due date has been reached, the XP2i has three alert options to choose from:

  • Gauge Startup: Will flash “Cal Due” three times during the startup process and the gauge will operate normally.  After this, no additional warnings will occur until power is recycled.
  • Always:  Will display “Cal Due” until a button is pressed and then the gauge operates normally.  After this, no additional warnings will occur until power is recycled. Add Password Protection to make the gauge non-operational and always display “Cal Due”.
  • Alternate with Reading: Will flash “Cal Due” three times during the start up process and then will alternate displaying “Cal Due” and live pressure readings.

This new feature requires an XP2i gauge with the latest hardware, manufactured in January 2017 or later and the free ConfigXP Software version 2.5.0 or greater.  If you have a gauge that was purchased this year, you can check the hardware version in ConfigXP.  If the “Enable Calibration Messages” check box is selectable, you have the latest version.  It if is grayed out, you have the older hardware.

Follow this link for more information on the XP2i Digital Test Gauge from Crystal Pressure: http://cameroninstruments.com/crystal-pressure.htm#CrystalDigitalTestGauges

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