Barton Replacement Level Gauges


This new model 1536 takes the popular 1516 model and turns it into a quick changeover replacement for the Barton model 227 gauges.  With a 2 week standard lead time and at half the price it’s easy to see the benefits of this new innovative design.

The Model 1516 (with 2% accuracy) has been replacing Barton gauges (with 1% accuracy) for decades.  Let’s face it, 2% accuracy is all you need on most applications such as filters, across orifice plates or venturi, heat exchangers and level applications.  Why pay for accuracy you don’t need, especially when there is little perceptible difference.

But for older installations, service or replacement often requires changing the mounting configuration and moving the piping to accommodate a different style differential pressure gauge.  The new 1536 design matches the mounting pattern of the barton 227 gauge so replacements take the same time as replacing with another Barton!

The model 1536 has a bright, easy-to-read 150mm diameter dial that presents the user with the differential pressure, add your logo or multicolour arc.

The standard 1536 is Brass or Aluminum.

Standard configuration has the high pressure on the left (Hi-left).  Hi-right is a standard no-charge option.  These left and right configurations can be changed in the field by changing the back manifold.

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