EBI 12 Professional Data Loggers


High precision temperature, pressure and humidity data loggers for thermal sterilization and validation processes.

Features Include:

  • High quality stainless steel housing
  • Application range from -90ºC to 150ºC
  • High temperature accuracy up to 0.05ºC
  • Extended temperature measurement range -200ºC to 400ºC
  • Pressure measurements up to 4,000 mbar
  • Precision pressure measurement 0.1 mbar
  • High pressure accuracy up to 0.25 mbar
  • Humidity measurement from 0% rH to 100% rH
  • Conductivity measurement 1 to 2,000 µS/cm
  • Radio mode for real-time monitoring
  • ATEX approved
  • Full compatibility interface EBI IF-100, 150 and 200
  • Full compatibility to Winlog software
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