Electronic Deadweight Tester E-DWT-H


Introducing a better way to calibrate high pressure hydraulic gauges.  E-DWT-H is a modern alternative to the conventional hydraulic deadweight tester.  It is designed to provide an easier-to-use portable instrument that is at home in the lab or instrument shop, as well as in the field performing insitu calibration and test.  The E-DWT-H’s electronic reference pressure monitor can be configured with one or two internal ranges from 7 MPa (1,000psi) to 200 MPa (30,000psi).  With two internal ranges, the E-DWT-H provides uncertainty of -+ 0.02% of reading from 1 to 100% of full scale range.

E-DWT-H features eliminate the need for weights and the associated handling chore, possible errors and shipping costs.  With E-DWT-H there is no need to measure ambient conditions and piston temperature, to know local gravity when trying to accurately measure pressure or to ensure that the unit remains levesl.  Electronic output allows for active pressure display, unlimited pressure resolution, AutoTest calibration routines, real-time automated data collection and customized report generation.  A rechargeable battery pack accessory allows for up to 8 hours remote operation.

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