EX-TEC HS 680/660/650/610

Combination measuring devices for gas supply with integrated ethane detector

The EX-TEC® HS product family helps the user clearly detect leaks in underground pipes. To avoid costly and time-consuming pointless excavations, it must be absolutely certain that the gas is actually leaking from a natural gas pipeline. Locating the exact position of the leak also keeps shaft work to a minimum. EX-TEC HS appliances offer new possibilities in this respect. If the gas has dispersed over a wide area, it is often difficult to pinpoint the leak exactly. In many cases the gas gathers under fixed surfaces and spreads over long distances. The optional oxygen sensor can also display the oxygen minimum at the same time as the methane maximum. This minimum, with its smaller diffusion area, is used to locate complex leaks more precisely. The integrated ethane detector easily picks up whether the gas is natural gas or swamp gas. The user does not need any extra accessories or specialist knowledge. The EX-TEC HS 680/660 guides the user through the ethane analysis with prompts.The definitive result can be saved and further processed on the PC using the integrated USB port.

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