The EX-TEC PM400 is a mobile gas warning device that reliably warns plumbers, staff from utility companies, network operators, fire services and other technical staff of dangerous gas concentrations.  The EX-TEC PM400 can detect up to four different types of gas.  Optional sensors are fitted at the factory before delivery.  Optional sensors includes Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen.  Furthermore, the unit can be fitted with one catalytic combustion sensor.  You can choose from methane, propane, nonane, acetylene, hydrogen & JFUEL.

  • Easy to read in every environment with 2.5″ back lit display
  • Easy to operate with 4 keys and clear menu structure
  • Compact design fits comfortably in your hand
  • Detect up to 4 different gases when all extras are fitted
  • Audible and visual pre-alarm and main alarm
  • Flexible power supply with AA-size batteries
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