Flow Meters – High Flow – Variable Area, 0-1 to 0-30GPM, 1.5-10 to 1-100 SCFM

Variable-Area Flow Meters

Orange Research high pressure flow meters have large dials with bold markings and characters that are easy to read from a distance, handle high line pressure and can be mounted in any orientation.  Flow meters are mounted directly in the flow stream and with bodies machined from solid blocks of metal, they handle high-pressure applications up to 5000PSI.  Making them ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The variable-area flow meter models are designed for medium to high-flow applications.  The flow meter sensor, a movable Delrin cone, rests in a precision orifice.  Changes in fluid flow cause the sensor to move against a stainless steel spring while the flow rate is indicated on an easy-to-read dial face.  Offered with aluminum, stainless steel or brass bodies.  A variety of dial sizes from 2.5″ to 4.5″ are available

Switches, Relays, Transmitters

A variety of reed switches relays and transmitters can accompany the high pressure flow meters, or they can be supplied on their own, without a dial.  SPST switches are offered normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.).  SPDT reed switches are also available.  DPDT relays are offered for high inductance applications, such as those incorporating motors or solenoids.  Transmitters offer a current or voltage output.

Calibration – Liquid Flow Meter High Flow Models

For liquids the high flow flow meters are calibrated to customer specified specific gravity and viscosity of the fluid to e measured (up to 150 CS).  Otherwise, standard calibration is on water at 70F.  For oil service, high pressure flow meters are calibrated using oil (specific gravity 0.86 CS at 74F).  Special calibration is available to meet customer specific gravity and viscosity requirements using selected fluids and a conversion procedure.  Standard calibration is for horizontal mounting; vertical is offered at no charge.

Air and Gas Flow Meter High Pressure Models

For air and gas applications, flow meters are calibrated on air at 100psig at 70F.  For non-standard fluids or conditions, a conversion procedure is required.  Because gas is compressible, please supply pressure and temperature conditions and type of gas when the order is placed so that the density of the gas can be taken into account and noted on the dial face.

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