High Accuracy Deadweight Testers – PG7000


PG7000 piston gauges represent state of the art piston gauge technology today.  PG7000 piston gauge models cover the entire pressure range from low absolute to 72,500psi.  All PG7000 models feature microprocessor control with extensive on board software, real time ambient and operational monitoring and advanced automated features.  PG7000, already the world’s most advanced piston gauge, takes another step ahead with the introduction of AMH automated mad handling technology.  With AMH, piston gauge operation can be fully automated and the entire calibration process can be automated in combination with COMPASS for Pressure Software.  AMH delivers metrology improvements in addition to huge productivity gains.  The AMH system is a PG7000 accessory and can be added to existing platforms or ordered with new installations.  Two models are available to cover the complete PG7000 line of gas and oil operated piston gauges including absolute mode with a vacuum reference.

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