Miniature Differential Pressure

Miniature Differential Pressure Gauges

These miniature differential pressure gauges measure the pressure difference between two points.  Acting in the place of two pressure gauges, these units allow for one simple reading on an easy-to-read scale.  Popular in filtration, flow and level applications, they are a low cost alternative to bourdon tube and bellows designs.  Both piston and diaphragm differential pressure miniature gauge models are available.  Their small size and low cost made them ideal for OEM use.

These miniature gauges are offered with bodies (and wetted parts) of aluminum.  The indicator models come standard with a 1″ molded plastic lens while a 2.5″ dial is available as an option.  A variety of porting options allow for any mounting configuration.

On 1″ dials a red/green dial with a breakpoint located at 70% of full scale alerts the user of the condition of the process.  This matches the setpoint of the reed switch if ordered together.

For 1″ dials specify Breakpoint/setpoint.  For 2″ dials specify full scale range.

Ranges from 0-25″ H20 to 0-100 PSID

Piston or Diaphragm Differential Pressure Gauge Models

  • 1002:  Piston differential pressure sensor models, best for liquid applications as they have a slight amount of fluid migration from the high to low pressure ports.
  • 1020:  Diaphragm differential pressure models, for air or gas applications or where fluid migration cannot be tolerated.
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