Model 2482 High Precision Differential Pressure Standard


The Model 2482 is a high precision standard that provides unsurpassed performance in the field of differential pressure metrology at high static line pressures. Designed to calibrate virtually any differential pressure sensing device, the 2482 combines exceptional accuracy along with speed and ease of use. Featuring a triple-axis piston assembly this primary standard provides both pneumatic and hydraulic differential pressure calibrations to 850 inH20 (2100 mbar) at line pressures up to 2900 psi (200 bar).

A precision load cell supports the differential piston assembly and serves to quickly and accurately zero the standard at elevated line pressures. Until now, this has been a time consuming and technique dependent process. Supplied with Windows based menu driven software to control the piston gauge and provide the full range of corrections and calculations, the 2482 is the ideal standard for calibrating transmitters used in applications such as turbine efficiency testing and custody transfer measurements.

  • Differential Pressure Standard
  • Accuracy 40 ppm of reading +0.0013 psi
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic operation
  • Software provided for operation and data management
  • Extremely fast and easy to operate
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