Model 7250LP Low Pressure Digital Pressure Calibrator


The Model 7250LP Low Pressure Digital Pressure Calibrator, part of the versatile Series 7250 family, is specifically designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of calibrating low pressure sensors, transducers, mechanical gauges, portable calibrators and their plug-in modules. To accommodate bi-directional devices, the 7250LP can be supplied to operate in both positive and negative gauge modes.  The 7250LP offers unmatched performance and enhanced control stability.

Utilizing multiple ranges in a single instrument, the 7250LP combines precision, stability, speed and affordability.  The 7250LP has a unique quartz sensor, the most accurate pressure sensing technology available in a digital pressure calibrator.  Each quartz sensor is manufactured and tested to provide the ultimate performance required by a Fluke Calibration pressure calibrator, ensuring that every customer received the highest quality, precision and stability in their instrument.

  • Dual range, select from 10/30 inH20 or 35/100 inH20 range combinations
  • Precision: 0.0005% of reading from 10% to 100% Full Scale (FS).
  • Control Stability: 0.004% of each range
  • Resolution to 0.0001 inH20
  • Time to set point: 30 seconds with no overshoot
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