Model 7750i AeroCal Air Data Test Set


The Model 7750i Air Data Test Set represents the latest generation Air Data Test Set (ADTS), incorporating a unique quartz sensor having unequaled precision and long term stability with the latest pressure control technology.  The Model 7750i ADTS provides high performance measurement and control of all air data parameters.

The Model 7750i is a laboratory ADTS for calibrating a wide variety of avionics instrumentation such as altimeters, airspeed indicators, rate of climb meters, Mach meters, air data computers and engine based control systems that rely on accurate control and measurement of pressure.  The 7750i can be used to calibrate devices that are required to meet the Reduced Vertical Separation Minimal (RVSM) requirements, controlling altitude to within three fee (better than 0.0011 in Hg) at sea level.  Additionally, the 7750i provides precision rate control for both altitude and airspeed.

The Model 7750i is ideal for use in Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) systems.  The seven-inch height (4U) allows easy integration into comprehensive test systems.  Additionally, an IEEE-488 interface is provided for PC-based control.  The 7750i can be set to emulate previous generation ADTS (Model 6610), eliminating the need to alter existing software.

  • High accuracy, RVSM compliant
  • Ideal for ATE systems
  • Accuracy to ±3 feet 0.04 knots
  • True differential sensor for airspeed
  • Control stability to 0.00032 inHg
  • One year calibration interval
  • Variety of ranges available for rotary and fixed wing aircraft
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