Model RPM4 & PPC4 Transfer Pressure Standards


PPC pressure controler/calibrators and RPM4 reference pressure monitors are high accuracy transfer pressure standards suitable for any calibration facility.  Fluke’s PPC pressure controller/calibrators include PPC4 for pneumatic pressures up to 14MPa (2,000psi), PPCH-G for high pressure pneumatic use up to 100MPa (15,000psi) and PPCH for hydraulic use up to 200MPA. PPC controller/calibrators are offered in a variety of measurement performance classes, user interfaces and communication options to fit your budget and application.  Flukes exclusive Q-RPT reference pressure transducers can be configured inside the controllers or externally in an RPM4 monitor for maximum versatility.  PPC pressure controllers deliver value with an extremely wide control and measurement range turn down, often replacing multiple legacy instruments with a single one.

Easy integration with a PC makes Fluke’s PPC and RPM4 the instruments of choice for calibrating portable pressure calibrators, high accuracy pressure transmitters and test.

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