Multitec BioControl 4 & 8

The premium system for gas analysis and volume measuring supporting professional process optimization

All plant operators producing electricity from biogas, sewage gas or landfill gas aim to optimize processes and thus ensure greater efficiency – in other words, obtain as much methane as possible. At the same time, however, harmful components in the gas need to be kept to a minimum.

Only constant monitoring of the gas composition in a plant can indicate changes in time and thereby prevent prolonged outages. The continuous monitoring of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) prevents 2 expensive corrosion damages of the motor by giving an alarm in case of high concentration of H2S in the gas. Also the oxygen 2 concentration can be monitored to avoid explosive gas composition in the motor.

If the power generation is subsidized, the plant operator must regularly document the gas composition and volume. The Multitec® BioControl can reliably and sustainably handle all these tasks, though dirt, deposits, moisture, corrosion and fluctuating gas compositions still pose a major challenge.

The Multitec® BioControl can also determine the gas flow rate and the gas temperature. Effects of pressure, temperature, moisture and gas composition are compensated intelligently, which results in a high accuracy of the flow volume measurement.

One system for stationary and mobile measurements

The Multitec® BioControl is a modular measuring device consisting of the Multitec® BioControl fixed installation and the mobile gas measuring device Multitec® 540 / 545.

Depending on the version of the Multitec® BioControl, the gas composition and volume can be automatically measured and monitored at up to eight measurement locations. The Multitec® 540 monitors the values at the individual measurement locations sequentially. The values are transferred to the Multitec® BioControl via an interface. The Multitec® BioControl allows easy automatic calibration and adjustment with test gas.

The Multitec® BioControl fixed installation is non-wearing and low maintenance. The maintenance is limited to regular check for dust / dirt of the filters and (i.a.) the flow meter and calibration of the mobile device. The mobile Multitec® 540 / 545 gas measuring device must be regularly maintained to guarantee accurate measuring results. It can be easily sent in for servicing.  A spare device prevents disruption to operation.

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