Orange Research Air, Gas & Liquid Flowmeters

Low Flow:  Gases & Liquids

Measure from below 2 GPH to 40 GPH for liquids and 1.5 to 5 SCFM for gases with our fixed orifice sensors.  This design places a Delrin® orifice/magnet assembly on a diaphragm that deflects with the flow rate.  This assembly is magnetically coupled to the dial face to give an indication of the flow rate on a square root dial.  Gauge, gauge-switch and switch models are available.  Includes 2020 series gauges.

Medium Flow:  Gases & Liquids

A wide range of flow rates can be measured with our variable area flowmeters.  The sensor, a magnet/Delrin® cone, rests in a precision orifice and is deflected by fluid flow.  As flow increases, the dial, which is magnetically coupled to the sensor, indicates the position of the sensor reflecting the flow rate on an easy to read face.  Measure from 1-10GPM on liquids or 1.5 to 100 SCFM on gases.  Choose from gauges, switches or transmitter options.  Includes the 2220 and 2320 series gauges.

High Flow:  Liquids

For higher flow rates, choose our 2400 series flow meters.  These variable area flow meters utilize a magnetically coupled cone/indicator design and have one inch ports, allowing for up to 30 GPM flow rates with a low pressure drop.  Combine the gauges with one or two switches or choose our switch only models.  Includes the 2420 series gauges.

  • Available in Aluminum, 316SS and Brass
  • In-line ports available from 1/4″ to 1″npt
  • CSA Approved
  • Spring-loaded design allows for any orientation
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