Orange Research Differential Pressure Gauges / Switches / Transmitters

Piston Sensors for Liquids:  High-Pressure

A spring-loaded piston/magnet sensor is magnetically coupled to a pointer to indicate a pressure difference.  Sensing is completely separated from the indicator, switches, relay or transmitter.  A high pressure rated housing is machined from a single block making these a natural for high pressure applications.  Includes the 1201, 1203 & 1303 series.

Diaphragm Sensor for Gases & Liquids

For air or gas applications and no bypass, consider the diaphragm sensor design.  Built on a design similar to the piston units, a diaphragm replaces the piston and separates the high and low pressure ports.  A variety of diaphragm designs are available; small for more common DP measurements, large for more sensitive applications and a rolling diaphragm for high DP measurements.  The gauges can be accompanied by a switch, relay or transmitter.  Includes the 1502, 1516, 1518 & 1831 series.

Hazardous Location Models

Switches, relays and transmitters are enclosed in UL, CSA, FM and CENELEC approved enclosures that have a gauge option for local indication.  Choose one or two switches, SPST, SPDT or a DPDT relay, available in a variety of voltages.  Transmitters allow for continuous remote location monitoring.  These enclosures meet Class I, Div. I specifications along with Nema-3, 4X, 7, 9 and 12.  Both piston and diaphragm sensor models are available to make this the most comprehensive offering in the industry.  Includes the 1204, 1504 & 1514 series.

  • 2.5″ to 6″ dials available
  • Available in Aluminum, 316SS and Brass
  • In-line ports available from 1/8″ to 1″npt
  • CSA Approved
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