PG7202 High Pressure Gas/Hydraulic Piston Gauge


Gas pressures from 100 kPa to 110 MPa (15 to 16,000 psi)

PG7202 is a member of the PG7000 family of reference level piston gauges that covers the range of high pressure gas up to 100 MPa (16,000psi).  Operating directly in gas avoids difficult to use liquid/gas separators that add uncertainty to the measurement process.  PG7202’s gas operated liquid lubricated piston-cylinder design overcomes the disadvantages of lubricating the piston-cylinder with gas at high pressure.  Performance is not affected by gas cleanliness and piston drop rates are even lower than those typically found in hydraulic piston gauge.

PG7202 is combined with the GPC1 gas pressure controller to configure a complete manually operated calibration system with effort free gas pressure setting and adjusting.  By substituting a PPCH-G automated pressure controller for GPC1 and adding on AMH-100 automated mass handler, PG7202 operation can be fully automated.

All PG7202 piston-cylinder modules can be delivered using Krytox®, a fluorinated synthetic oil, to lubricate the piston-cylinder for applications in which the system must be free of hydrocarbons.

Hydraulic Pressures from 1 MPa to 200 MPa (150 psi to 30,000 psi)

Hydraulic operation:  The PG7202 platform can also be operated using oil as the pressurized medium in the range of 1 to 200 MPa (145 to 30,000 psi). To operate with oil, piston-modules PC-7300-1, -2, or -5 are used (see PG7000 brochure).  A simple 10 minute switch over procedure, detailed in the product manual, is all that is needed to switch between pneumatic and hydraulic operation.


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