Piston Differential Pressure Gauges for Liquids

Piston Sensor Differential Pressure Gauges

These piston sensor differential pressure gauges measure the difference between two points.  Acting in the place of two pressure gauges, these units allow for one simple reading on an easy-to-read scale.  Popular in filtration, hydraulics and heat exchangers, they are a low cost alternative to bourdon tube and bellows designs.

  • Pressure body and wetted parts: aluminum, brass & stainless steel
  • Dial sizes: 2.5″, 3.5″, 4.5″, 6″
  • Porting locations: In-line, back and bottom
  • Mounting: Panel, wall & pipe
  • 0-5PSID to 0-1000PSID Ranges
  • Heavy duty – to 10,000psi line pressure
Differential Pressure Gauges Switches, Relays, Transmitters

A variety of reed switches, relays and transmitters can accompany the gauges or be supplied on their own, without a dial.  SPST Switches are offered normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.).  SPDT reed switches are also available.  DPDT relays are offered for high inductance applications, such as those incorporating motors or solenoids.  Transmitters offer a current or voltage output.

NOTE: Piston sensor models are best for liquid applications, as they have a slight amount of fluid migration from the high to low pressure ports.  Select diaphragm models for air or gas applications or where fluid migration cannot be tolerated.

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