RTC Series – Reference Temperature Calibrator

The RTC Series is Ametek-Jofra’s most advanced and accurate temperature calibrator with the widest available temperature range.  One of its great features is the patent pending DLC system for perfect temperature uniformity in the insert – even when calibrating large sensors or many sensors at a time.

The RTC Series also features active dual – and triple-zone temperature control which provides excellent temperature homogeneity in the well.

Every RTC model includes an advanced simplicity user interface, which is available in English, German, Chinese and Japanese.

  • Temperature range from -100 to 700°C with 7 models
  • Accuracy to ± 0.04°C and Stability to ±0.005°C
  • Dry block and liquid bath / dry combined
  • Time saving fast cooling and heating times
  • Contamination free calibration of clamp sensors
  • “Plug and Play” intelligent reference sensors
  • Easy-to-read colour display with User-friendly navigation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Multi-hole insert kits
  • JofraCal Calibration Software
  • Inputs from Thermocouple Calibration
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