Ralston Quick-connect Adapters

Do you find that when testing pressure instruments, connecting everything actually takes the longest time?

Do you find that looking for leaks takes longer than doing the actual test!? Will not anymore!

If you are connecting to pressure gauges using NPT or BSPP adapter then Ralston Quick-connect Adapters will make your job much easier.  If you are connecting to JIC/AN 37-degree flare connections in aerospace, marine or military applications then these adapters will allow you to spend more time calibrating and less time looking for leaks (saving you time and money).

Ralston Quick-connect Adapters use a moving piston that pushes against the part it is connected to when pressure is applied.  The more pressure you apply the better it seals.

Their Female Quick-connect adapters are used to connect to various kinds of pressure gauges and other male connections without the need for thread sealant or a wrench.

  1.  NPT Female Quick-connect Adapters
  2.  BSPP Female (RG) Quick-connect Adapters
  3.  Metric Female Quick-connect Adapters
  4. 37 degree Flare (AN) Female Quick-connect Adapters

Their Male Quick-connect Adapters let you thread the adapter into a pressure device such as a pressure transmitter or manifold without a wrench or thread sealant.

  1.  NPT Male Quick-connect Adapters
  2.  37 degree Flare (AN/JIC) Male Quick-connect Adapters
  3. Quick-test CGA 580 Cylinder Valve Adapters

This information was brought to you by Ralston Instruments Inc.

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