The Volume Controller (QTVC) from Ralston Instruments is the ideal lab tool.  Calibrate both very low pressure or high pressure instrumentation using nitrogen with an attached pressure gauges or calibrator.  The proprietary pressure balanced fine adjust piston allows for extremely precise, finger-tip control of pressure at 0.03 psi (2 mbar) or 3000psi (210 bar) or any range in between.  The test system includes a handle, Quick-test System outlet connections, hoses and adapters.  The Volume Controller is a versatile instrument useful for many types of calibration processes.  Find out more below and watch the Features and Benefits video at the bottom.

Differential Pressure Transmitter Calibration – Use the Volume Controller to hit pressure test points quickly and accurately.  It can be used without nitrogen to control pressure for calibrating the differential pressure side of a pressure transmitter up to 400 inH20 / 1000 mbar.  With compressed nitrogen applied it can be used to control pressure for calibrating the static side of a pressure transmitter to 3000psi / 200 bar.

Analogue pressure gauge calibration – When used in conjunction a digital test gauge and a 2 or 4 port benchtop manifold it can be used to calibrate 2 or 4 of the same range pressure gauges at the same time.  This works much quicker and more efficiently than a deadweight tester for calibrating analogue pressure gauges.  This makes an excellent choice for a laboratory to calibrate pressure gauges in a wide range of pressures.

Vacuum pressure gauge or transmitter calibration – Connect the Volume Controller in line with a mechanical vacuum pump.  Pull a vacuum on the inlet side of the Volume Controller and control vacuum to precise test points better than with virtually any other device.

Float pneumatic piston gauges – In high precision pressure calibration the Volume Controller can provide a precise pressure to float a piston gauge so that the piston gauge can deliver accurate pressure.


Watch the Features and Benefits Video

Written by:  Ralston Instruments

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